Standard delivery is free of charge with your order. does not cover the shipping costs for returned items.

During your shopping, you will be provided with an Estimated Delivery Date. Please note that the estimated delivery date is not a guaranteed time frame for your order. It is automatically calculated based on the total amount of time required to process your order, production and delivery process as well as your shipping address.

The estimated delivery time is based on delivery to capital cities. Please allow extra time for delivery to remote areas. does not take responsibility for delayed shipments to remote areas or regions where the postal services are performed on certain schedules or addresses outside the Mainland.

For more rapid delivery, you may select one of the Express Shipping or Premium Shipping options. Please note that, these options only shortens the amount of the time required for processing and producing your order comparing to the free standard delivery time. They do not guarantee any specific delivery date. In the case of payment via bank transfer or if your payment doesn’t go through immediately, the estimated delivery time will be calculated from the day that the payment has been received. does not take any responsibility or refund the shipping charge based on any such delay.